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Coming fall 2022

“If this world won’t let me have you, 

I’ll burn it down and build a world that will.”


Shiloh Haven and Jake Osgood swear they will do anything for a chance at a life together—even if they have to burn the world down first. But when Shiloh is kidnapped, she finds herself in the middle of another deadly game. Her connection to the rebel organization, ROGUE, runs deep, and in Arcadia’s hands, she is a perfect weapon. 


Arcadia has her. 


ROGUE will do anything to get her back.


And Jake may be her only chance at survival. 


As Jake and Shiloh are pulled further apart, Jake seeks to regain the Council’s trust and grow close to his enemies. But one wrong move, and it won’t just cost Shiloh and him their lives. It’ll cost ROGUE the best chance at destroying Arcadia, once and for all. 


Let the games begin. 

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